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Faces of Wildlife

Sep 24, 2020

Okanagan Mountain Park made headlines around the world when a massive wildfire ignited the Kelowna park during the summer of 2003. The 25,912 hectare fire, which was started by a lightning strike, was devastating for homeowners as 239 buildings were destroyed in its wake. 
But despite its destructive effect on humans, the fire had massive benefits to flora and fauna inside the park. From the ashes came an opportunity to reintroduce wild sheep back into the area after many years of absence. Our guest, Chris Barker, was part of the team that reintroduced those sheep back into the park and he shares the story of this incredible initiative. 

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If you'd like to get involved with the conservation of wild sheep, the two organizations we mentioned were The Wild Sheep Society of B.C. and the The Wild Sheep Foundation

Music in this episode was provided by Isaac Balson and Elk the Moose.